Go & Do: A Come, Follow Me Adventure Guide (2020)

Whether you have returned to church or not, finish the year strong with Go & Do to support your Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon studies.  Automated weekly activities will guide children through the final chapters of The Book of Mormon.  Children will also love planning and contributing to weekly Come, Follow Me family meetings.  No matter where you are today, Go & Do can help you stay on track with visual reminders and trackers.  New General Conference edition includes a notes section for the whole family to share findings on God’s promises to Israel.


  • Family Meeting Planner and Agenda for your weekly Come, Follow Me home meetings
  • Book of Mormon Reading tracker for family and individual scripture reading
  • Family-shareable notes for President Nelson’s challenge to list all of God’s promises to Israel
  • Automated weekly to-do list items for each lesson including reading assignments, scripture memorization activity, and behavior focus for the week
  • Create custom habits, chores, and behaviors with new icons for prayer, scripture study, and other activities
  • Easy access links to Gospel Library lessons and scriptures for the week right from your to-do list (double-tap on a scripture assignment)

Use Invitation Code “CFM2020” to get a free 10-day trial!

How to Get Started

New Users

  1. Download and install FamJam from Android or Apple Store
  2. Create an Account and setup your children in the app, then follow
    instructions below
Existing FamJam Users

  1. From the FamJam homepage, click on the 3-line hamburger menu  
  2. Select “FamJam Plus”
  3. Type in “CFM2020” and click “Add”
  4. Enjoy Go & Do for a free 10-day trial
  5. After 10 days, you may continue using Go & Do by making a
    one-time purchase from our online store.


Go & Do is available as a one-time purchase for the calendar year.  For only $1.33 / month, you can have access to all of 2020 and 2021 material on FamJam, including all new updates and features over the next 15 months!

2020 Come Follow Me Lessons (Oct. – Dec.):  $6

2021 Come Follow Me Lessons (Doctrine and Covenants):  $20

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