The CEO at a multi-million dollar, international corporation can align thousands of employees with one central mission. 

That same CEO comes home to a cluttered, disorganized home every night and wonders, “Why am I failing to lead the organization that matters most?” 

Have you as a parent ever felt the same way? It leaves us puzzled and wondering why the home can be so difficult to manage! Of course, when there are chores to be done, children’s homework to manage, schedules and nightly bedtimes to observe, we can easily feel overwhelmed as parents at even the smallest of tasks. 

The part that often gets under our skin and makes our hearts ache the most is the thought that these are our OWN children we are raising and sometimes neglecting more so than our careers. 

We walk along the office and see posters, whiteboards, and company logos with our mission, goals, and vision plastered everywhere. A good functioning organization has each of its employees working daily towards those central purposes. DO OUR CHILDREN HAVE THAT SIMILAR ALIGNMENT? 

Well, “they are too young to grasp that sense of purpose,” one might say. “Having a family purpose would make no difference to our daily lives,” says another. 


This day in age 90% of youth are raised with multiple touch points of technology in the household. This can be a wonderful, yet terrifying thing. The internet is a vast area full of grand yet potentially damaging information. When children lack unity, purpose, or direction in the home, the door is left open for technology to fill that void. 

FamJam sets out to solve that problem, by welcoming proper use of technology in a way that helps parents teach kids at a young age how to set goals, keep up with chores, build healthy habits, develop positive behavior, all of which contributes to the family purpose you have longed for.